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Wisely Conserving Natural Resources & Creating Opportunities for Positive Economic & Community Development

Jim Winebarger honored as Council Member of the Year by the National Association of RC&D Councils!


Serving the people of
Camden, Chowan,
Dare, Gates, Hyde
Pasquotank, Perquimans,
Tyrrell and
Washington Counties



Albemarle RC&D Council

The Albemarle Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) Council works with local communities in 10 counties around the Albemarle and Pamlico Sounds to balance conservation of natural resources with economic and community development.

The RC&D program positively impacts local communities! Over the past 40 years, Albemarle RC&D has partnered with counties on more than 500 local projects worth millions of dollars.

The Albemarle region has received a return of $119 in grant funding for every $1 of annual support invested in the Albemarle RC&D Council!



Little River Watershed Restoration Project

rle Resource Conservation and Development Council, Perquimans and Pasquotank Counties, Soil and Water Conservation Districts,Elizabeth City State University, Elizabeth City Bass Masters, and local community groups are working together to restore the Little River watershed, which includes about eight miles of Impaired river (EPA 303d list, 2012).The watershed was once rich in biodiversity with key anadromous fish and shellfish areas, and swamp forests critical to support native fish and wildlife, mitigate flooding, and protect water quality.

To help restore its biodiversity, the partnership is developing a number of activities including construction of wetland filters on main drainage canals flowing into the Little River, restoration of natural hydrology in riparian buffers, conservation of riparian buffers, construction of fish habitat, improved public access, public outreach and environmental education, and monitoring and research. 

Pembroke Creek Park Access Improvement Project

Pembroke Creek Park is an important resource for public access to Pembroke Creek and surrounding waters in Edenton (Chowan County).  The park serves local residents and visitors for fishing, canoeing, kayaking and nature tourism.  Over the years, storms have eroded the shoreline, parts of the wooden boardwalk have deteriorated, parking is limited to grassy areas and there is no handicapped access.

Albemarle RC&D worked with Chowan County and the Edenton/Chowan Recreation Department to obtain a CAMA grant
to construct 2 gravel parking areas, replace 110' boardwalk at ground level with handicap access, install a canoe/kayak launch platform & gangway, replace 330' of bulkhead, construct 2-50' long fishing piers, improve gravel access, purchase a storage building for kayaks, and install picnic tables, solar lighting and signage.  The project is scheduled to begin in late Spring, 2014.  

Hertford Waterfront Access Improvement Project

Several years ago, the Town of Hertford (Perquimans County) participated in the Creative Communities Initiative with the UNC Business School to develop a waterfront revitalization plan.  The plan identified the need for boat slips where transient boaters could dock their boats and have easy access to visit the historic waterfront town on the Albemarle Sound. 

ARCD helped obtain two grants for the Town of Hertford to design and construct a nine-slip marina. 

Plymouth Waterfront Access Improvement Project

The Town of Plymouth (Washington County) is actively promoting its waterfront to stimulate its economy and to encourage water-based recreation.  The downtown riverfront is anchored by the Port O'Plymouth Civil Water Museum at the east end and the Roanoke River Lighthouse and Maritime Museum at the west end.

ARCD has been working with the Town of Plymouth for the past several years on a phased waterfront renovation project.  In 2009 and 2012, CAMA Public Access grants were used to replace boardwalks with handrails and install benches, lighting and handicap access ramps from shore.  Boat slips for small boats and a handicap accessible canoe and kayak launch platform were added at one end of the waterfront, and a 9-slip marina was recently completed at the west side of town (with sewage pumpout, electricity and water). 

A 40-year old public dock, adjacent to the Riverfront Park (in the middle of the waterfront) had deteriorated and was a safety hazard.  ARCD wrote a CAMA grant for the third phase of this project, which will include a new public dock with electricity and water. 

Tyrrell County Water Management Study

The elevation of Tyrrell County is at or just above sea level, so water management is a critical activity for preventing flooding of agricultural lands, towns and communities.  Streams, canals and water management structures are easily damaged by storm events and hurricanes.  Tyrrell County engaged ARCD to inventory and map streams, canals and water management systems in GIS.  Working with the county's water management committee and Tyrrell SWCD, a 5-year plan to prioritize the clearing and snagging of major streams and canals was created and language for establishing Special Use Water Management Districts was drafted.  ARCD has now completed comprehensive water management studies in 8 of the 10 counties in the Albemarle region. 

Tyrrell County Recreation Plan

Tyrrell County contracted with the ARCD to assist with conceptual designs for recreation facilities on two county-owned properties and to map out the steps to submit a PARTF grant application.  The proposed design includes 3 ball fields with a concession stand, restrooms and a storage facility, a soccer field, playground, walking trail, picnic pavilion, sidewalk and parking. 

 to the following organizations who have generously donated to Albemarle RC&D to help us continue to offer programs and services:

Camden SWCD
Currituck SWCD
Pasquotank SWCD
Pasquotank Farm
Perquimans Farm



Jim Winebarger
National RC&D Association
Council Member of the Year

Jim Winebarger (Dare) was honored at the June, 2014 National RC&D meeting held in Mobile, AL for his leadership on the Renewable Energy Project and his commitment to school programs that introduce teachers and students to hands-on learning opportunities about wind energy.

(L-R) Rodney Johnson, ARCD Chair, Winebarger, Linda Peterson, ARCD Program Manager and Marshall Stevenson, past ARCD Chair.


ARCD needs your help to continue to conserve natural resources and positively impact local economic development!

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ARCD is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization


Albemarle RC&D    recognized for exemplary performance 5 years in a row!

Albemarle RC&D is proud to announce that it  received the Enhanced membership designation in 2013 by the National RC&D Association for the fifth year in a row!  

Albemarle RC&D was  the 6th RC&D Council (of 375) in the nation to earn and maintain  Enhanced (Tier II) membership in the National Association's Circle of Diamonds program which recognizes exemplary governance practices and high management standards! 




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